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​The Tale of the $13 Million Rolls Royce

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​The Tale of the $13 Million Rolls Royce

So, what does someone who apparently has money to burn do when they want a new car? They commission Rolls Royce to create it.

Enter the Sweptail, a Rolls of a different color, if you will. When you look at it from the front, there’s no denying its heritage with the distinctive Rolls-Royce grille and round headlamps. Step to the back though, and you get something that looks, well, not really like a car at all – maybe more yacht-ish?

The design is intended to meet an anonymous client’s needs and tastes that seem to be somewhat quirky and a bit exotic. All the luxury car company would confirm was that the customer is male. They wouldn’t comment on the cost. However, after the Sweptail was unveiled in Lake Como, Italy in May 2017, experts are estimating the price tag of the two-seater coupe sits at around $13 million. That’s a lot of quirk and exotic!

If those estimates are correct, it gives the Sweptail the distinction of being one of the most expensive new cars ever sold.

According to sources, Rolls was commissioned to create a car that was inspired by the company’s earlier models, the 1920s and 1930s to be exact. It boasts a panoramic glass skylight and wood exterior. The center console has a champagne chiller and there is even a special compartment designed for holding this mystery customer’s briefcase.

Yes, we are dying to know who he is but Rolls Royce is being very tight lipped about it.

According the Rolls Royce director of design, Giles Taylor, the customer approached them with an idea and they delivered, basically referring to Rolls Royce as a house of haute couture – for cars. It was a creative process that the customer participated in to create exactly the car he wanted.

One more tidbit – a clue maybe. Rolls did mention that this mystery customer with the deep pockets is a collector of “distinctive, one-off items” like private planes and super yachts.

Would you drive a car like this?

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