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Classic Truck Finance

Looking to finance a classic truck? Woodside Credit’s Loan program is purpose-built for classics. Offering the lowest monthly payment in America, Woodside enables clients to use their money elsewhere. With 18 years of experience as a classic car lender (NOT a broker), our high-touch and high-tech approach helps get borrowers into the drivers’ seat.

Woodside Classic Truck Financing Makes it Easy:

  • Auto Loans, Not Personal Loans – Secured auto loans for classic trucks allow Woodside to provide the lowest monthly payments in America.
  • Dealers, Private Party, and Auctions – Whether you are on a showroom floor, at a neighbor’s garage, or on the bidding block, purchase with confidence. Available pre-approvals of up to 30 days can help you negotiate your best deal and strike when the iron is hot.
  • Lowest Payments – Expect flexible terms and competitive rates unmatched by other lenders. Let us tailor our program to fit the collector car of your dreams. It’s the reason we resonate with gearheads, and why repeat clients are the norm.
  • Vehicle Verifications – Ask Woodside about virtual vehicle verifications to get you on the road even quicker.

Appreciate Trucks in More Ways Than One

It is crucial to understand the full costs of owning a classic truck, but do not forget appreciation in calculations. Classic cars often increase in value. Point to Hagerty’s Trends to see a nearly 10% increase last year. Over ten years, classic cars appreciated 97% on average.

Working With Woodside for Classic Truck Finance

  • Quick Quote – Woodside provides a consultative approach to provide information about Woodside Loan programs for the classic car you have in mind. A quick quote is the quickest way to estimate monthly payments. No credit check is needed and creditworthiness is not determined.
  • Simple Application – Complete online or over the phone and receive a decision quickly. Our commonsense lending practices allow Woodside to see a full picture, which allows for quick decisions.
  • Loan Documents – Once satisfied, loan docs are reviewed and completed online via eSign. If required, vehicle verifications can be completed in person or virtually.


100% satisfaction! Everyone at woodside did an amazing job! In today’s world finding true professionalism is rare, sad to say but Woodside is one of those rare occasions! Thank you!


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