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The Lending Solution for your Collector Vehicle

Woodside Credit serves the market where traditional lenders do not. The lending program is built from the ground up and our process keeps the high touch nature of collector vehicles front and center. From popular pony cars to fast exotics, and bespoke classics to the latest kit car, enjoy it all with the lowest monthly payments in America.

From Lamborghini to Ferrari, McLaren to Aston Martin, Woodside Credit has been one of the best kept secrets for financing exotic vehicles. See why Woodside Credit is the go-to finance option for enthusiasts nationwide.

Classic Car Financing

Any vehicle 25 years or older can qualify. From pony to muscle, hot rod to 4x4s, and Italian to German, enjoy the program purpose-built for classic vehicles. See what makes Woodside Credit’s purpose-built program one of the most competitive. 

Did you find that showroom ready vehicle? Or fulfilling the lifelong dream of purchasing your all-time favorite ride, find yourself with the lender that understands iconic vehicles. With loans up to $1,000,000 and beyond in some cases, see how we serve clients high-value models. 

Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) vehicles continue to be a growing part of the collector car market. Financing is available for models 25 years and older, with a selling price above $20,000. 

From the original Tesla Roadster and top trim Taycans, to classic cars with EV conversions, let Woodside Credit finance your next EV, with a purchase price over $200,000.

What to Expect

Our personable and professional staff specializes in the collector car market. Our processes are designed to accommodate the unique challenges that comes with buying a collector vehicle. This includes features like eSign, virtual inspections, and expert vehicle valuations. 

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With no obligation and no credit check, a quick quote estimates your low monthly payment on the vehicle of your choice.

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Complete online or over the phone and receive a decision in a day or less.

Complete Loan Documents

Once satisfied, loan docs are completed via eSign. If required, vehicle verifications can be done virtually. Woodside Credit will coordinate with your seller for transfer of funds and title.

Take Possession

We work to fund the seller of your vehicle quickly, often in the same day that completed documents are received.

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