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Woodside Credit offers a unique loan program, tailored to classic and exotic vehicles. We know Mustangs, and it has become one of the most popular cars we finance. This American classic continues to rise in value and demand at a steady pace.

When you think of muscle cars the first that comes to mind is the Ford Mustang. Introduced to the world in mid-1964, it was initially based on the platform of the compact second-generation Ford Falcon. The 1964½, as referred to by Mustang enthusiasts, made a small splash. That all turned around in 1965, though, when Mustang had its most successful vehicle launch since the Model A.

Over the years the Mustang has had a few facelifts and upgrades but that hasn’t dampened the original pony car’s popularity. Today early Mustangs are some of the most sought-after classic cars in the world. With their power, performance, style, and that awesome pony logo, Mustangs are wildly popular among classic collectors and muscle car enthusiasts alike.

If you can get your hands on one of these rides you will not only have a piece of muscle car history but a slice of Americana as well. The 1967 Shelby is the most expensive Mustang ever sold, going for $1.3 million. A vintage Boss 429 can also fetch a pretty penny as will a ’69 GT500 Convertible. The great thing about these classic beauties is that they retain their value – and it increases. A classic Mustang is a great investment.

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