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Get ready for a collector car lender who knows restomod financing. With over 18 years of experience and $2 billion in loans originated, let Woodside Credit be your resource. With a deep understanding of vehicle valuations and convenient vehicle verifications, it’s easier than ever to get your dream restomod vehicle in your garage.

Why Finance a Restomod Vehicle with Woodside:

  • Auto Loans, Not Personal Loans – Woodside Credit’s loan program is built for the collector in mind. Secured loans allow Woodside Credit to provide competitive rates and the now-famous lowest monthly payments in America.
  • Dealers, Private Party, and Auctions – Woodside loans can be used for nearly every type of purchase. Whether you’re at a dealer showroom, down the street at your neighbor’s garage, or an auction, Woodside Credit works with you to bring your transaction together.
  • Lowest Payments – Expect flexible terms and competitive rates unmatched by other lenders. Let us tailor our program to fit the collector car of your dreams. It’s the reason we resonate with gearheads, and why repeat clients are our normal.

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  • Have a Vehicle in Mind? Estimating the low Woodside Payment is easy through a quick quote. Designed to give you an idea of payments on a particular vehicle, credit is not reviewed and no credit check is required (does not guarantee approval).
  • Apply Online or Over the Phone – apply through the simple online application or with one of our friendly team members. A commonsense approach is taken to review a borrower’s full financial picture to provide competitive down payments and low monthly payments.
  • Loan Documents – Once satisfied, loan docs are reviewed and completed online via eSign. If required, vehicle verifications are completed in person or virtually.

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What is a Restomod Vehicle?

Restomod is a classic car that’s been restored with modern technology. It is the combination of the words ‘restoration’ and ‘modified’. Normally, these vehicles look aesthetically the same, just until you look under the hood or change the radio.