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5 Must See Videos of Supercars being Super

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5 Must See Videos of Supercars being Super

5 Must-See Videos of Supercars being Super

Supercars have a way of attracting attention. Even people who aren’t “car people” will turn their heads to appreciate the beauty of a Ferrari, Lambo, or Maserati as it passes. These videos show supercars doing what they do best – being super. Enjoy the jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, blood-rushing excitement of these fine pieces of machinery in action.

Skilled Supercar Driers! Awesome runs, powerslides, drift, and donuts

There’s one heart stopping clip at around :20, but just about every clip in this compilation has something pretty sweet to offer. From the amazing powerslides to the POV that puts you in the driver’s seat, you get the supercar experience. And that sound, of that glorious supercar sound. There’s nothing like it.

Amazing Supercar Powerslides

Some of the coolest, sleekest supercars are in this powerslide parade. One by one they show off their awesomeness with powerslides and drifts – some more than others. More than one driver plays it safe with very little drift, and who can blame them? These are some pretty high dollar vehicles. Others go for the gusto with some great drift and slide action. Then there are a few who fully commit and go for a donut or two. A fantastic sensory experience with great visuals and outstanding audio – listen to those engines!

$2.5 Million Lamborghini Centenario CAUSES CHAOS in London

There’s one thing that all supercars have in common. They command attention wherever they go – even when they aren’t doing anything at all. That’s what happened when this Centenario was delivered to the Lamborghini showroom in London. Traffic stopped, and onlookers crowded around with cameras and phone just to catch a glimpse of this sexy beast. Watch it once and think about how nervous that poor guy must have been as he backed the $2.5 million car into that showroom – without any casualties! Then turn it on again, close your eyes and just listen to that engine. Nothing like it.

17-Year-Old takes DMV Driver’s Test in Bugatti Chiron

What did you drive when you took your driving test? Most teenagers borrow mom’s station wagon – or worse, the dreaded minivan. But, hey, it gets you from point A to point B, right? Well imagine sliding behind the wheel of a Bugatti Chiron to take your driving test. That’s what this teen did when he got his driver’s license. This is a pretty tame video. The teen has to obey all traffic rules and the person administering the test is just doing her job, but she does seem to get a bit of a kick out of the experience. In all, it’s a fun video and the most epic driving test ever.

Top 10 Rarest Supercars Ever

In this compilation you get some pretty awesome supercar eye candy and a bit of education on some of the rarest supercars ever built. See them in action and standing still as the camera caresses every line. You’re welcome.

Sure, supercar videos are fun, but after a while you want to slip behind the wheel yourself. Plus, who wants to watch some other guy have all the fun? Woodside Credit wants to help you put that supercar, exotic, or collector car in your own garage. Fill out a Quick Quote and see how low your notes can be, then get ready to star in your own supercar video.


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