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5 New Ferraris Coming Soon!

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5 New Ferraris Coming Soon!

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5 New Ferraris Coming Soon!

There are some big changes brewing at Ferrari as the company plans to launch five new cars in 2019. Some are replacing discontinued, beloved models while others are blazing new trails. Check these beauties out and choose your favorite.

F8 Tributo
3.9 liter twin turbo V-8
710 horsepower

The 2019 Geneva motor show hosted the Tributo’s unveiling and it was everything we’d hoped it would be  sleek, sexy, powerful, and fast. The name is a tribute to the carmaker’s incredible turbo V-8 and this car definitely knows how to use it. Going from 0 to 62 in just 2.0 seconds, it hits top speed at 211 mph.

3.9 liter twin turbo V-8
591 horsepower

The California T is no more, but Ferrari has stepped up to offer a replacement that isn’t only comparable, but better in so many ways. The Portofino convertible is a pleasure sports car that gives drivers a lux experience, but can still get up and scoot, hitting 60 mph in 3.5 seconds.

488 GTB
3.9 liter twin turbocharged V-8
661 horsepower

While everyone loved the Ferrari 458, nothing lasts forever. The 488 is Ferrari’s replacement for their exotic car icon and, honestly, it is better in just about every way. Available as a Spider or a Berlinetta GTB, the Ferrari 488 is a sleek powerful daily driver that is anything but a daily grind.

6.2 liter V-12
680 horsepower

In a move that’s almost unheard of in many exotic car circles (especially Ferrari), The Italian car maker has produced a car that seats up to four people. In fact, both the GTC4Lusso and the GTC4Lusso T have that ability. Of course, it’s still a Ferrari, so it does do 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. Those passengers better hang on.

812 Superfast
6.5 liter V-12
789 horsepower

If you feel like you’ve heard “Superfast” somewhere before, you’d be right. Ferrari produced the 500 Superfast from 1964 through 1966. However, the Ferrari 812 Superfast has come a long way. With a top speed of 211 mph, the Superfast is, well, super fast. It also has four wheel Electronic Power Steering (EPS), adding great handling to all that power.

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