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5 Reasons Woodside is the Best Classic Car Finance Company

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5 Reasons Woodside is the Best Classic Car Finance Company

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What does it take to become the best car finance company? It starts with the five reasons below. With over 30,000 happy customers and 20 years in business, see why the Woodside Credit loan program reaches more and more clients and dealerships nationwide.

Our Sole Focus: Collector Cars

Woodside Credit is the largest national lender specializing in Classic, Collector, and exotic vehicles. Since the company’s founding in 2003, the focus has allowed all resources, processes, and programs to be tailored specifically to those vehicles. When working with Woodside, expect an experience that sets expectations, minimizes surprises, and provides a straightforward approach every time. A focus on technology makes purchasing a classic or exotic car easy, regardless of where you buy it. eSign makes it convenient to complete loan docs from anywhere, and virtual vehicle verifications (when needed) allow for the funding of loans quickly. Deep-rooted partnerships in the collector car industry include Barrett-Jackson, the world’s greatest collector car auctions, as their exclusive loan provider for over a decade.

Lowest Payments in America

Our focus is simple: Lowest payments in America. With simple interest loans, no prepayment penalties, no balloon payments, and no-nonsense, experience a loan program different from other lenders. Clients can use their money elsewhere, like keeping cash in hand or in investments. It’s a solution that financially savvy investors, business owners, and auto enthusiasts all appreciate.

Top-tier Service from the Best Car Finance Company

Every client receives top-tier service from start to finish. From celebrities and car collectors, and those new to collector vehicles, Woodside tailors your experience to ensure every step is painless. Expect to hear a real team member when you call in, not an automated system. It’s why a quarter of Woodside clients are repeat and why so many people rave about their experience.

Full-Service Approach

Full service is all about access. Access to our organization including lending professionals, credit reviewers, and an expert support team, are all available. Access extends even further into additional products like classic car insurance. Woodside’s customer experience is designed to make the process easy, keep you informed, and have an expert at your fingertips at every stage.

Committed to our Communities

Woodside knows the importance of nurturing the car culture that’s embedded in the American Dream. We continue to grow our presence and support at collector and classic car events nationwide. Additionally, Woodside Credit supports the giving of employees by dollar-for-dollar match. Whenever a Woodside Credit employee donates to a nonprofit, Woodside matches that amount, doubling the giving power of our employees. With over $70,000 donated to nonprofits last year, our support has never been more significant.

Woodside knows what it takes to earn our client’s business (and repeat business), and we continue to strive to be recognized as the best car finance company. Interested in learning more? Start with a Quick Quote.


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