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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Classic Car’s Value

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5 Tips for Maintaining Your Classic Car’s Value

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Classic Car’s Value

If you keep your classic car as a showpiece, whether it’s for the occasional local auto show or if you are running the big time auto show circuit, it needs to be in tip top shape. There are a lot of things that can affect a classic car’s value and knowing what some of them are will help you ensure that your classic holds its value.

Do keep it clean. Don’t let dirt or dust build up on your car, keep it clean all year round – even when you have it parked. Dirt and dust can cause a lot of problems like impaired performance, chipping paint, and rust. After washing, rinse your car well and use a chamois or other soft rag to dry it thoroughly. This removes any residual soap scum and prevents water marks. A good coat of wax can add another layer of protection and enhance the car’s beauty.

Don’t make modifications. It might be tempting to make some cool modifications to your classic car, but if you are trying to maintain its value, you should just say no. While it may be fun for you when you drive your car, if you decide to sell the value will definitely be impacted – and not in a good way.

Do keep it as original as possible. Original is almost always best when it comes to preserving the value of a classic. Repair parts when you can or try to locate a stock part. You want to avoid using a modern part in a classic car because it’s the value that will take the hit.

Don’t skimp on regular maintenance. Regular maintenance is a good idea regardless of the car, but it is especially important for classics. Repairs can be expensive, but maintenance can help you catch issues before they become real problems. It also provides documentation that demonstrates how well you have cared for the car. A beautiful paint job does not trump mechanical problems or trouble under the hood.

Do make sure it is stored properly. If you are in an area that has extreme weather: very cold, very hot, very humid, or excessive precipitation, you want to try to keep your car indoors. The cold can cause mechanical problems, the sun can fade a paint job, and humidity can cause rust.

If you keep your classic car well maintained, it can actually increase in value.

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