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Aston Martin’s Hyper Car

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Aston Martin’s Hyper Car

Aston Martin’s New Hyper is so Crazy Fast You’ll need Special Training before you take it home. To look at it you just know it’s fast. From the slightly intimidating carbon fiber body to the sexy sleek lines the Aston Martin Vulcan definitely delivers. One look and you just might second guess your driving skills.

As a matter of fact, new owners who purchase the luxury car will receive extensive training with both simulators and slightly less powerful Aston Martin models. Eventually they will graduate to taking the Vulcan for a spin – a really, really fast spin.

This drop dead gorgeous car isn’t street legal, though, it is track only – which is probably a good thing. The ultra-light carbon fiber body leaves the 800 or so ponies under the hood free to run unencumbered. It will have a naturally aspirated 7 liter V13 engine that will take you from 0 to 60 in less than three seconds. It is also expected to exceed 200 mph. That’s some serious power!

Darren Turner, Aston Martin’s racing driver, weighed in on the design of this uber-cool, fine piece of automotive equipment. As a result, the Vulcan sports a U-shaped steering wheel that was created just for the car. From this steering wheel the driver can control a variety of functions including starting the car, turn indicators, traction control, pit lane speed limiter, flash to pass, windshield wipers, and adjustable ABS. The Vulcan is track ready right off of the production line.

The price tag for this little slice of automotive heaven is in the neighborhood of $2.3 million. Now that’s a pretty nice neighborhood!

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