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Channel your Inner James Bond with Aston Martin’s Ice Driving School

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Channel your Inner James Bond with Aston Martin’s Ice Driving School

There’s a little James Bond in all of us and Aston Martin will teach you how to channel him. For a mere $2,500 (to start) you can learn how to drive like Bond – in an Aston Martin – on ice.

Pay the fee and you too can be turned loose on the ice course located in Colorado. You don’t even have to own an Aston Martin to participate in the one to three day program. Aston Martin on Ice is laid out over a sprawling ten acre, man-made “practice surface.” Professional driving instructors will guide you through courses designed to challenge you and sharpen your driving skills – or just let you have an awesome time driving like a maniac – on ice.

There are two schools, one in the United States in beautiful Crested Butte, Colorado and the other in Lapland. Other exotic manufacturers are getting in on the action and offering specialty programs. For instance, Jaguar offers a Villain Performance Driving Academy while Lamborghini has their own Snow Driving School in the U.S. as well. Who wouldn’t want to slip behind the wheel of a drop dead gorgeous exotic car and careen around a driving course made from ice?

Now you can drive like Bond but without the bad guys trying to get you. What a deal! This would be a great gift – to yourself or someone else. It could also be a great marriage retreat (because girls like the adrenaline rush too!). If nothing else, it’s a great story to share with the guys, the grandkids, the people in line at your grocery store. Come on! You know you want to! Walk on the wild side and channel that inner James Bond.

Are you considering adding an Aston Martin to your garage? We don’t finance the Ice Driving School, but we can help you bring the car home. Check out our outstanding financing terms at and bring that Aston Martin home.


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