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Augusta Car Show is Helping Houston Recover from Harvey

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Augusta Car Show is Helping Houston Recover from Harvey

Augusta Car Show is Helping Houston Recover from Harvey

When tragedy strikes, heroes emerge. Sometimes in our busy day to day lives it’s easy to forget about the struggles of others. However, in the wake of a disaster, like the devastating effect that Hurricane Harvey had on Houston and parts of Texas, we can see ordinary people doing extraordinary things. From the legendary Cajun Navy to the everyday heroes whose sole mission was to rescue hundreds of animals from the rising flood waters, our hearts swell a little and our faith in humanity is restored.

Then entire country has rallied together to support the victims of Harvey with many businesses and groups organizing events to raise much needed funds to help the people of Texas recover and rebuild their lives. Maine’s Finest, a statewide showcase for “the finest of motorized objects in Maine,” held the Houston Fund Raiser Meet at the Augusta Civic Center in early September. They decided to use the event to raise money for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

As word spread about their noble cause, people who hadn’t planned to take part in the show changed their minds. Many of the car owners who participated had some ties to the affected area, whether they had family in Texas or purchased parts from someone in Houston. Most of all though, they all just wanted to help.

Many businesses in the area donated to the event and raffle tickets were sold to raise the money. At the end of the day, the group had raised $1,760 to donate to the American Red Cross to aid victims of Harvey. They received several checks from donors as well. A graphic company in the area, Fat Kid Graffix, printed decals specifically for the Houston Fund Raiser Meet. They sported the meet’s hashtag,  #207helpinghouston. The owner of the company donated 100% of the money he received from those sales to the relief efforts as well.

We at Woodside Credit are keeping the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and other recent disasters in our thoughts. Stay strong, we’re all in this together.


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