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Buying Guide: Exotic Cars

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Buying Guide: Exotic Cars

Buying an exotic car isn’t that different than buying a regular car – except for the price tag, prestige and power. OK, so buying an exotic car is nothing like buying a regular car. As you start shopping around for your Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati or Aston Martin, keep this checklist handy to make sure that your sweet ride isn’t a sugar coated lemon.


  1. Do your homework. Know the problem areas or model years that are often associated with issues for that brand.
  2. Buy a car that is clean and well-kept with no accidents in its history. Be skeptical of paint work, even custom. Ask to see photos of the car sanded to the steel.
  3. Buy a car that has clear and clean service history.
  4. Buy a car that has lower mileage as opposed to a high mileage newer one.
  5. Look for the car that has the fewest owners in its history.
  6. Find out how the car was used previously. Was it a street car? Track? Weekends only?
  7. Check with members of any exotics groups you belong to or on exotics forums to see if anyone is familiar with the car you are looking at. Does anyone know its story? Does anyone know anything about the seller?
  8. Check out the dealer’s or seller’s reputation. How well do they know exotics? Are they serious exotic dealers or are they just exotics dabblers?
  9. Go over the history reports like CarFax and AutoCheck, as well as service reports, with a fine tooth comb.
  10. Steer clear of cars that have been sitting and haven’t been driven in a few years.

Be as careful about choosing a lender for your new exotic as you are about choosing the car itself. Woodside Credit is a leader in financing exotic cars. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff will help put you in the driver’s seat of the car of your dreams by offering the lowest monthly payment. Visit us at and see what Woodside Credit can do for you.


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