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Classic Car Museum Raffles Off One of Its Cars to Keep Staff Employed

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Classic Car Museum Raffles Off One of Its Cars to Keep Staff Employed


Classic Car Museum Raffles Off One of Its Cars to Keep Staff Employed

The COVID pandemic has turned our world upside down. Amid the many closures of businesses, the cut backs, layoffs, and downsizing, museums have taken a particularly hard hit. In many areas, they have ping-ponged back and forth, opening one week and closing several weeks later. Many have been faced with the inability to pay staff.

That is where the San Diego Automotive Museum found itself recently. The museum, along with numerous other businesses in the area were struggling to find the necessary funds to pay employees and stay afloat.

So, the leadership got creative.

In March 2020, the museum closed, reopened in June only to close once more in July. In September it closed once more. As we moved into 2021 with the hope of a brighter tomorrow, the museum remained closed. The lack of ticket sales left the museum in a shortfall of around $500,000 and no opening on the immediate horizon.

In an amazing act of generosity and commitment to their employees, the leadership of the museum selected one of their classic cars for an incredible raffle.

A 1968 Dodge Coronet was the car selected for the raffle and James Schaeffer was the lucky winner. At the prompting of his daughter, he took the plunge. One ticket, $100 and now he’s driving an awesome muscle car with a modified 440 V8 along with some other super cool upgrades.

And the San Diego Automotive Museum? Well, it made out pretty good too. From the raffle alone, they raised $57,000. That takes care of their payroll for two months so in this story, everyone’s a winner.

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