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Classic Car Mysteries: The Black Volga

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Classic Car Mysteries: The Black Volga

Life in the Soviet Union during the 60’s and 70’s was no picnic. With the Cold War looming and the government failing, the people lived in a constant state of fear. One icon of that era, though, a mythical, legendary, vehicle evoked sheer terror at the very mention of it: The Black Volga.

The mystery of the Black Volga was a source of terror and fascination. It was well known across the nation as stories were whispered and imaginations aroused. To this day no one knows who was driving the high end limousine. There was speculation that it was driven by a priest or nuns. Other believed that it was driven by satan worshippers or even the devil himself. Whatever the case, when the Black Volga appeared, bad things happened.

The car was sleek and black with white curtains that seemed to materialize from nowhere. It was reported that at the side mirrors were, at times, horns. When it appeared in an area, many children would be reported missing – and it was theorized that the car had something to do with it. If anyone dared challenge the evil car, he or she would be dead in less than 24 hours.

No one knows why children were the Black Volga’s chosen victims. There was speculation that they were being sold or were used for more sinister things. But nothing has ever been proven because no one could get close enough and live to tell the tale.

It should be noted, however, that the Volga was the most expensive, luxurious vehicle available in the area at that time. Typical owners and passengers were Soviet political officials and members of the Communist Party – those who thrived on the fears of their country’s people. Take that bit of information however you like – evil car? Or more frightening still, evil government?

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