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Classic Car Mysteries: The James Bond DB5  

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Classic Car Mysteries: The James Bond DB5  

Classic Car Mysteries: The James Bond DB5

Some of the juiciest, most intriguing mysteries can be found in classic cars. Often, they sound as if they come from the pages of a book or a movie screen – and this one does, in a roundabout sort of way. In Boca Raton in 1997, under the cover of night, a very special, very expensive, very famous car vanished into thin air.

The Aston Martin DB5 that was featured in the James Bond classic “Goldfinger” is considered by many enthusiasts to be the car that really got Bond into his famous (and pretty nifty) gadgets. There were four identical 1964 DB5s that were made. Two were in the movie where Sean Connery as the dashing James Bond drove it. The other two were used for promotional purposes.

One of the cars used in the film recently sold for more than $4,600,000 at an auction in London. The other has been missing since that fateful June night in 1997. It seems to have vanished without a trace, leaving investigators and conspiracy theorists alike completely baffled.

The James Bond gadget car was stored at the Boca Raton Airport in a hangar. It was wildly popular because of the Bond connection as well as its uber cool, never before seen gadgets. It was in the hangar and then it was gone.

It has been reported by insurance investigators and police that there were tire marks that led from the hangar to a short distance outside where they abruptly stopped. And that is where the facts stop and the questions begin. Where did it go? How was it transported? Did someone load it on a plane and fly it to a far off land? We may never know.

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