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Classic Cars go Electric: Watch what happens

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Classic Cars go Electric: Watch what happens

Classic Cars go Electric: Watch what happens

The cars coming out of Michael Bream’s shop, EV West, are anything but ordinary. The work he does out of the Southern California boutique car garage will definitely excite your imagination. It isn’t every day that you see some of the greatest (albeit gas guzzling) cars of yesterday, and today for that matter, transformed into fully electric vehicles – no gas needed.

He’s converted a number of cars, including a Ferrari 308 GTS, VW Beetle, BMW, and even a VW bus from the 1950s. In fact, that is what his shop specializes in, removing the combustion engine from (typically) older cars and dropping electric batteries in its place. The results have been incredible and the EV West website is a testament to the intrigue car guys have in the concept as well as how it blows their minds when they see how well it really works.

All too often, classic car enthusiasts have to choose between the uber coolness of a classic ride and protecting the environment. These older vehicles leave behind a pretty substantial carbon footprint which is less that kind to nature. They tend to release more carbon emissions than newer models and are less efficient. While many people choose to drive these beauties anyway, despite the environmental issues, often they only roll them out on special occasions. Now, thanks to Bream’s work at EV West, owners no longer have to make that tough decision. They can just roll on!

In the shop itself, Bream keeps a Tesla Powerwall to charge the majority of the electric cars it converts. The energy in the large battery is harvested from a number of solar panels that are installed on the shop’s roof. When it comes to the actual batteries for the cars, EV West has a unique acquisition method. Bream and his staff frequent the auctions, looking for wrecked Tesla Model 5 cars. The parts are typically sold at auction, so they are prime for the picking by Bream’s garage. But they don’t just ditch the old engines they pull from the classic cars either. They sell them on the secondhand market to people searching for original vintage parts. It’s a win-win.

Could we possibly be seeing more classic cars as daily drivers sometime soon? Wouldn’t that be awesome!

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