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Coolest Vending Machine Ever: Exotic Car Sales Singapore Style

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Coolest Vending Machine Ever: Exotic Car Sales Singapore Style

At first glance, the Autobahn Motors (ABM) building in Singapore looks like a life size display for a kid’s toy car collection. The glass skyscraper, reaching toward the heavens has, on full display, some of the hottest, most exotic cars in the world. McLarens, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentleys, and more are each neatly tucked away in individual display “cases.” It’s this display, combined with the state of the art elevator system that allows even the topmost cars to be retrieved in just minutes, that are the reason people are calling this building a life-sized vehicle vending machine.

That is precisely what it looks like.

The building, located at Jalan Bukit Merah in Singapore, was constructed specifically for the purpose of displaying 60 of ABM’s million dollar supercars. This illuminated showcase is impressive in and of itself, but it becomes an incredible, awe inspiring vision once the sun goes down and the city lights come up.

ABM owners, Gary and Jack Hong, are the masterminds behind the Automotive Inventory Management System (AIMS) that took three years of conceptualization before it was finally brought to life. Their fish bone system minimizes wind resistance and facilitates an impressively fast car retrieval and storage speed which is less than two minutes.

Potential buyers enter the showroom and view a presentation where they choose the car they want. Once they have settled on a vehicle, it is presented to them on a turntable.

Stacked parking spaces is not new. As ground space decreases in larger cities, engineers and architects are forced to find creative ways to increase parking without encroaching on street level legroom. Everyone is getting squeezed out so a popular option is to build up – and in upwards. The ABM building took it up a notch with a lot more flash, glass, and lights.

It may not be new, but it sure is pretty to look at.

Whether you get your car out of the coolest “vending machine” in the world or off of a showroom floor, Woodside Credit is there to help see you through the buying process. Our easy terms and great rates make the dream of exotic car ownership a reality. Call or visit our website today and find out just how easy it is to put to put that hot Lambo or McLaren in your garage!



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