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Exotic Art: The Extraordinary World of René Turrek

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Exotic Art: The Extraordinary World of René Turrek

Exotic Art: The Extraordinary World of René Turrek

Who doesn’t love the sleek, sexy lines of a Lamborghini or the sporty vibe of an Aston Martin? Well, what happens when those gorgeous bodies become canvases for some of the most incredible, colorful, creative, and intriguing artwork in the world? Welcome to the wonderful, unpredictable world of René Turrek.

Graffiti artist, Turrek, got his start at 16 doing illegal spraying (and paying the price). He honed his skills, albeit via some lawless means, but by 20 his family helped him find his way out of that scene. Today he is an advocate for encouraging kids to stay away from illegal spraying. Despite his straight and narrow ways though, graffiti was still in his blood. He was a born artist and realized that he couldn’t deny his passion, that thing he was born to do.

After several years in the U.S. and Germany where Turrek honed his skills and discovered new ways to showcase his incredible talent, he began to look beyond the wall for his graffiti art. After a number of shows and some incredible success which includes seeing his art on products for top companies like Starbucks, he hit his niche – exotic cars.

See The Dark Knight by René Turrek

Turrek also uses a special thermochromic paint that has some very special, high tech properties. When you look at the car, nothing seems unusual – at first. You still see the stunning lines of a high end vehicle and beautiful, glass-like paint job. However, pour some warm water over it and that everyday paint job transforms to an intricate, jaw-dropping mural. Check out this Lamborghini’s metamorphosis in the video below and see just how incredible Turrek’s work is.

He has even more mind-blowing videos of his work on the René Turrek YouTube Channel. He takes already beautiful, exotic cars and turns them into unique works of art. He has worked with Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, BMWs and more. His website is like a crazy cool wonderland for artsy types and gearheads alike. What a way to bring to seemingly opposing cultures together! Talk about your serious exotic eye candy! What would you do with your own rolling piece of art?

At Woodside Credit, our art is getting our clients into the cars of their dreams. Let us work with you to put that exotic car in your garage! Just visit our website, apply, and see how easy it is to go from wishing to owning. We’ll make it happen – for you.


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