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Exotic Cars Around the World – Which is Your Country?

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Exotic Cars Around the World – Which is Your Country?

So, which country is “your country”? Take this quiz and find out…

  1. It’s Saturday and you are going out for a casual lunch with friends. What do you wear?
    1. A light grey Hermes suit – with a colored scarf for a pop of color.
    2. Your favorite jeans and an oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up; maybe a t-shirt underneath.
    3. A cool Ermenegildo Zegna jacket, black, of course, paired with slim, tailored slacks and a sweater vest.
    4. A Burberry Prorsum ensemble with relaxed jacket, tailored slacks and a scarf for just a bit of drama.
  2. What do you consider a fine dining experience?
    1. Roast breast of quail, and cream of parsnip soup.
    2. Steak, a good T-bone or ribeye, with a huge, fully loaded baked potato.
    3. Ravioli di aragosta and prosciutto e melone.
    4. Hasenpfeffer and Gluhwein.
  3. How would you define your image?
    1. Elegant, refined, and classy.
    2. Relaxed, simple, and laid back.
    3. A little flashy, very stylish. You definitely get noticed.
    4. Pulled together, sharp look but still laid back and relaxed.
  4. If you could have one of these items, which would it be?
    1. A James Bond gadget – any James Bond gadget.
    2. A Barbecue dining boat.
    3. A yacht.
    4. A flying hovercraft.
  5. Which best describes where you live (or would like to live)?
    1. A cottage in the countryside with a lovely garden.
    2. A sprawling ranch in Montana.
    3. A cozy villa on the edge of a vineyard.
    4. A flat in the city.

Now, add them up!

Mostly A’s
England – Aston Martin: You are sophisticated and elegant with a penchant for the fine things in life. Every aspect of your life reflects your impeccable style so it only stands to reason that your car would also be as classy as you are.

Mostly B’s
United States – Shelby: You don’t stand on ceremony and you aren’t much for fuss and fancy. You like the old school American muscle cars in all their power and glory. However, although you prefer a simpler life, you still like a sharp looking ride to go with all that horsepower.

Mostly C’s
Italy – Ferrari: You live life in the fast lane and crave the feeling of power you get when you are in control of 651 horses. Your image is important to you and you make sure you put your best foot forward at all times. People look up to you and you like it that way.

Mostly D’s
Germany – Porsche: You are laid back and enjoy the finer things but you aren’t too caught up in names. You like a car that fits your personality – sporty and fast. When you slip behind the wheel you like a nice balance of comfort and power.

Now that you know which car you should own, go ahead and take the plunge! Woodside Credit makes it easy to own that stellar exotic car you’ve got your eye on. Check us out at



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