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Famous Classic Cars and their Equally Famous Drivers

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Famous Classic Cars and their Equally Famous Drivers

Classic cars are loved even by just about everyone. The crowd of admirers is widely diverse from dedicated car buffs to people who barely know how to put fuel in their own car. There’s just something about vintage cars that turns heads and elicits appreciation for an era long past. So what classic cars do the rich and famous (or just famous) have in their own garage? This list might surprise you.

Elvis – 1957 BMW 507
OK, so Elvis is not a living celebrity, but we just couldn’t leave this little beauty off of the list. Plus, it’s Elvis! With its removable hard top, Rudge wheels, and black interior, this roadster caught The King’s eye. There’s a little mystery surrounding the whole story here, but, hey, it’s Elvis!

Jay Leno – Where to start?
Jay has a special affinity for the classics and has a pretty impressive collection to prove it. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens, you name it. He has some very rare – and very nice – cars in his collection. The best part? He drives every one of them. Nice.

Brooklyn Decker – 1973 Ford Bronco
This isn’t anything particularly special – unless you like vintage Bronco’s. But Brooklyn Decker is so darn cute and this is a good looking ride in Carolina Blue with a white top. Sweet.

Ralph Lauren – McLaren F1LM
Who would have thought that one of the top fashion designers in the world is also a classic car aficionado? But when you are as wealthy as Ralph Lauren you can afford to have expensive collections that include some extremely rare and desirable cars ever made. His collection (which some say rival Jay Lenos) includes Ferrari 250 Testa Rossas, Veyrons, and the uber rare McLaren F1LM – only five were ever made.

Martha Stewart – 1958 Edsel station wagon
Wait, what? Martha Stewart has a penchant for old cars? Yep, and she loves her Edsel. She also owns a home in Maine that was owned by the son of THE Henry Ford, Edsel Ford.

Jerry Seinfeld – Porsche, Porsche, Porsche
Jerry Seinfeld likes Porsches – a LOT. He has a rather impressive collection of the iconic car that includes a 959 which is said to be worth $700,000 and is extremely rare (only 337 were ever made). He also has several vintage 911s as well as some Boxsters. Pretty impressive for the funny man.

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