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Fast Times at the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy

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Fast Times at the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy

There is just something about getting behind the wheel of a high performance vehicle. You feel the power, get the adrenaline rush, you are on top of the world. Jaguar can make that happen for you with their three part Performance Driving Academy. Some of the top professional drivers in the world will guide you as you put these powerful, high performing beauties through their paces on a track. Want to know what all the buzz is about? Now’s your chance.

Level I

Five hours of exhilarating high performance experience. Strap into one of Jaguar’s top models and hit the oval track. You can take her through her paces, feel the power under the hood, the responsive steering, and hit speeds that you wouldn’t dare in the real world. Best of all, this is just the intro There are two more levels of action – if you dare.

Level II

Things get a little more exciting in this course level. Take some autocross laps and learn how to handle an oval track – or maybe you’ll go through some skin control exercises. This level puts you behind the wheel with a driving professional at your side. After lunch, you climb into the passenger’s seat and you better hang on as one of the professional drivers takes you full throttle around the track.

Level III

You’ll take it up a notch at this level with a timed autocross, lessons on cornering, and a figure 8 skid pad. You’ll end the day with some hot laps and plenty of excitement. You will sharpen your driving skills while having the time of your life.

Do you want to experience the power and performance of a Jag for yourself? Jaguar owners get the Level I course for free. Let Woodside Credit help put you in the driver’s seat and get you a golden ticket to this prestigious driving academy. Check us out at and see how easy it is.


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