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Financing Unique: 1966 Avanti Studebaker & 1989 Ferrari Mondial

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Financing Unique: 1966 Avanti Studebaker & 1989 Ferrari Mondial

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This month at Woodside Credit we financed two models of vehicles that caught our team’s attention: the 1966 Avanti Studebaker, a classic embodiment of American style & the 1989 Ferrari Mondial, an iconic example of Italian luxury and performance. Let’s explore what makes these two vehicles so special:

1966 Avanti Studebaker

The Avanti Studebaker, first introduced in the early 1960s, was a bold step forward in American automotive design. The Avanti’s design was revolutionary for its time, featuring a sleek, aerodynamic body that stood in stark contrast to the more conventional designs of the era. Its fiberglass body was not just about looks; it also reduced the car’s weight, enhancing its performance. Under the hood, the Avanti boasted a powerful V8 engine, making it a strong performer on the road. The car’s appeal was not just skin deep; it also featured advanced safety features that were ahead of its time, including a built-in roll bar, padded dashboard, and seat belts.

Photo via Pinterest. This photo belongs to its respective owner.

1989 Ferrari Mondial

In contrast to the Avanti’s bold American lines, the 1989 Ferrari Mondial captures the essence of Italian luxury and sportiness. The Mondial was Ferrari’s answer to those seeking a more practical supercar. With its 3.4-liter V8 engine, the Mondial offered impressive performance wrapped in a stunningly elegant body. The car’s design is quintessentially Italian, sleek and refined, with an attention to detail that makes it a head-turner even today. Oh, and the Mondial’s layout provided more space than typical sports cars, making it one of the few Ferraris suitable for a family, thanks to its four seats.

Photo via Pinterest. This photo belongs to its respective owner.

Owning either of these cars is about more than just driving—it’s about caring for a piece of history and enjoying a style of craftsmanship that becomes rarer with each passing year. At Woodside Credit, we understand the passion behind each purchase and offer tailored financing solutions to help our clients achieve their dream classic car collection.

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