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Hate the Cybertruck Design? Three Reasons You Shouldn’t

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Hate the Cybertruck Design? Three Reasons You Shouldn’t

side view of cybertruck. Available for financing if purchase price is above $200,000.

In the classic car realm, there are vehicles that not only stood the test of time but also projected their influence far into the future, shaping designs of the next generation. Among these, three stand out for their futuristic aesthetics and engineering prowess: the Lotus Esprit, the DeLorean DMC-12, and the Aston Martin Bulldog. These classic cars have contributed defining elements to the conceptualization of one of today’s most talked-about electric vehicles, the Tesla Cybertruck.

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Lotus Esprit: The Submarine Classic That Resurfaced with a Vengeance

A true classic of the 70s, the Lotus Esprit captured hearts with its sharp, angular lines and wedge-like profile. Giorgetto Giugiaro’s design was a bold departure from the flowing contours typical of the era’s sports cars. Its fame skyrocketed when it transformed into a submarine in the James Bond film “The Spy Who Loved Me.” The Esprit’s design was futuristic then and remains influential now, with its stainless steel body and distinctive wedge shape mirrored in the Cybertruck’s stainless steel exoskeleton and polygonal form.

DeLorean DMC-12: The Timeless Classic with a Cult Following

No conversation about classic cars and their influence on modern design is complete without mentioning the DeLorean DMC-12. Its brushed stainless steel body and iconic gull-wing doors made it a 1980s icon. Beyond its cinematic fame, the DMC-12 was a forward-thinking piece of engineering with an ethos of durability and resistance to corrosion, something clearly echoed in the Cybertruck’s rust-resistant exterior. This classic car exemplifies the blend of function and form that is evident in Tesla’s electric pickup.

Aston Martin Bulldog: The One-Off Classic That Dreamt of Speed

Though it never went into full production, the Aston Martin Bulldog has left an indelible mark on the automotive landscape. Designed by William Towns, it was a one-off concept that boasted an angular design, a sharply raked windshield, and performance targets that aimed high. These elements of daring design and performance are akin to the essence of the Cybertruck, which promises to push the boundaries of what electric vehicles can do.

The Legacy of Classic Cars in Modern Design

The Cybertruck’s design is a salute to these classic cars. Each brought something unique to the table: the Esprit’s embodiment of a sleek future, the DeLorean’s stainless steel allure, and the Bulldog’s audacious performance goals. Tesla has interwoven these characteristics into its Cybertruck, promising not just a utility vehicle but a redefinition of what a truck can be.

The common thread between these classics and the Cybertruck is their break from convention. They all symbolize a departure from the design norms of their times, presenting something that wasn’t just new, but almost otherworldly. This is where the Cybertruck takes its cue, from classic cars that dared to dream differently.

The Classic Car’s Influence on the Electric Future

In the Cybertruck, we see the marriage of classic car inspiration with cutting-edge technology. The classic cars that have inspired its design remind us that true innovation often comes from looking back as well as gazing forward. The Lotus Esprit, DeLorean DMC-12, and Aston Martin Bulldog are not merely nostalgic relics; they are active muses in the continual evolution of vehicle design. With the Cybertruck, Tesla honors these classic cars, not just in its angular appearance and stainless steel skin, but in the spirit of innovation that they represent—an enduring legacy that propels us into the future of automotive excellence.

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