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The Hottest Exotic Car Social Media Pages

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The Hottest Exotic Car Social Media Pages

You may be surprised to learn that some of the most engaging brands on social media happen to be exotic car companies. If you like cool car photos and videos, along with some pretty useful information on what’s on the horizon for cars, you’ll want to follow these hot exotic car brands.


The Italian car maker is consistently a top ranking social media champion for consumer engagement. Their posts are very visual with great content and their followers waste no time showing their appreciation.


While this brand may not post as often or respond as much as they could, they still win due to the coolness factor that permeates their page. They are really playing up their self-driving cars with a variety of videos showing Teslas parking themselves and other amazing feats. Well worth a look.


After a few changes for the new year, Bentley’s Facebook page is chock full of stunning photos of beautiful cars. Then again, did you expect anything less? Take some time to poke around here and make sure you check out the photos and videos. While you’re at it, take a peek at the most extreme Bentley ever.

Rolls Royce

This is one of the most beautiful Facebook pages out there. The photos coincide perfectly with the website’s theme, most notably the introductory video on the home page – way, way cool. The photos alone are very share worthy and when you add the famous Rolls Royce brand, well you have something pretty special.

Aston Martin

Get the latest updates on how the brand is making incredible technological advancements in their vehicles. From the breathtaking videos and photos to the engaging content, this page will keep you coming back for more.


While this page doesn’t seem to be monitored, there’s still plenty of eye candy. There are current, regular posts on the page, but there are no responses from the brand, even when a direct question is asked. Maybe Lamborghini doesn’t quite understand how social media works. One thing is for certain, though. They know how to make stunning cars.


This page is a little more low key, yet very engaging. The brand frequently interacts with its followers, responding to questions and directing visitors to their local dealership for a test drive. It is well worth a look and while you’re there, make sure you check out their video on what’s new for 2017.

No matter what brand you want in your garage, Woodside Credit can get you there. Visit our site to submit a Quick Quote or give us a call and find out how easy it can be to own a gorgeous exotic car from some of the most prestigious names in automobiles. Oh, and while you’re checking out great Facebook pages, check the Woodside Credit Facebook page too!


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