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How COVID-19 Changed the Way We Deal with Auto Dealers

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How COVID-19 Changed the Way We Deal with Auto Dealers

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How COVID-19 Changed the Way We Deal with Auto Dealers

Once upon a time shopping for a car meant going to a dealership where you met face to face with a salesperson, walked the lot inspecting cars or maybe even going for a test drive, then sitting in a cramped office while you and said salesperson discussed options then haggled over the price.

Those days are over.

As COVID-19 has touched every aspect of our society, the way we deal with auto dealers has changed. Buying a car doesn’t look anything like it used to.

Consumer behavior has radically changed

As lockdowns have kept entire cities at a standstill and car dealerships have not been deemed “essential,” consumer behavior has undergone some significant changes. More people are making their purchases online, from groceries to electronics to yes, even cars. Granted, there was already a shift to online commerce before the pandemic ever reared its head. The last few Black Fridays have show a shift to online shopping. And why shouldn’t it? It’s more convenient. A person can research the product, ask questions, and make a purchase right on their device whether they are on their living room sofa or a crowded subway. It just makes sense.

Car dealers have been forced to make dramatic changes to how they do business

It has probably been easier for consumers to make the move to online commerce that it has for car dealerships. The restrictions on companies to avoid or reduce face to face contact have seriously impacted not just how dealerships do business, but their bottom line as well. With carmakers facing a financial crisis, the landscape is shaky even for big names like Ford are struggling. This means that car dealers have to do something to pick up sales – but in a different way.

The new “business as usual” post pandemic

Car buying has become a much more sterile process as car dealers shift to a new business as usual which means safely selling vehicles despite shuttered showrooms. For most it means going digital.

Many dealers are moving to online sales, touchless deliveries, and digital financing.

Interestingly, Used car dealer, Carvana was way ahead of the game. The company became touchless delivery pioneers with its vending machine car deliveries. Now other dealerships are taking a page from Carvana’s book and meeting consumers where they are during the pandemic – online.

In this new digital car buying era we’ve never let the pandemic stop us from providing our customers with the best terms and lowest rates in the industry. We were serving customers online long before COVID and we’ll still be doing it long after. When you are ready to buy that exotic, classic, or collector car, choose the lender that is ready for you. Visit Woodside Credit today to get started.


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