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Maserati hanging profit hopes on Levante

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Maserati hanging profit hopes on Levante

Maserati has had a rough go over the years, being passed from owner to owner, struggling to keep their head above water. A lesser company would have succumbed and quietly slipped beneath the waves. Not this company though. Under Fiat they rallied with 2014 being hailed as their best sales year – ever.

As profits slip yet again in 2015, most are blaming lagging sales while other assert that consumers are passing on the pricy Quattroporte and opting for the more budget friendly Ghibli, Maserati is rallying yet again.

Determined to not go down without a fight, Sergio Marchionne, FCA CEO is certain that the new 2016 Maserati Levante will save the day. The luxury SUV, mirroring the Ghibli but with a little more profit margin increasing oomph, will start somewhere in the neighborhood of $110,000 – and up. That’s a pretty nice neighborhood.

Will it work? Only time will tell. It sounds like a pretty good plan – for now anyway. But in truth, if Maserati wants to survive and see a consistent profit they are going to need a better plan. They need a plan that extends long term instead of just over a model year. For now, though, let’s revel in this tasty little treat that Maserati is offering.

While the actual specs are still under tight wraps, you can rest assured that the Maserati Levante will be about luxury and performance. Those are the two qualities that have become synonymous with the name and we don’t see that declining any time soon. Stay tuned for the unveiling expected in early 2016. Our sources promise that it is well worth the wait.

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