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Secure Car Series: Newest Anti Car Theft Technology

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Secure Car Series: Newest Anti Car Theft Technology

Carelessness is still the most common reason given for car thefts. Keys left in the car, windows left open (even just a crack is too much), failure to prevent car theft is like putting a welcome mat out for car thieves. There have been some pretty incredible technological advances in recent years, but some of the newest technology for anti-car theft in 2016 will blow your mind.

Tire, Hood, and Steering Locks

With all the technology at our disposal, simple, manual locks are still extremely effective when it comes to preventing car theft. Steering wheel locks are popular and pretty effective, plus they are fairly inexpensive. This method serves two purposes. One, it locks the steering wheel in place so even if a thief breaks into a car they will still have to get through the device in order to drive it. Two, it is highly visible and that in itself is often a deterrent as the thief will be inclined to look elsewhere for something easier.

Hood locks can protect your car’s battery and other parts that may be stolen and sold. Tire locks are also visual and extremely difficult to remove. They’re kind of a pain to put on and take off which is why they are recommended for vehicles that are parked for longer periods of time.

Electronic Immobilizers

These are more on the expensive side, but when it comes to anti-theft technology, they are at the top of the list as far as effectiveness is concerned. Electronic immobilizers work by “reading” the key that the owner or authorized driver uses. The key transmits an electronic signal to the fuel pump and ignition. If there is no signal the car won’t start. This means that the would be car thief would need to steal your keys and your car. Most thieves go out of their way to avoid cars equipped with these systems.

DNA for your Property

This technology may work for your car, but it would definitely work for components that thieves would steal to sell for parts such as the battery, speakers, and stereo system. It is an adhesive that contains thousands of micro dots that are suspended within the material. The dots are smaller than a grain of sand, but they contain a unique serial number that can allow law enforcement to reunite victims of theft with their belongings.

The company that developed this technology, ProTech DNA is currently active in most of the U.S. with full coverage by May 2016. The customer receives a kit from the company, “tags” their belongings, then registers their information and the assigned serial number with the company. ProTech maintains a database with this information that is only accessible by law enforcement. When property is recovered, it can be scanned and if it is in the database the owners can be contacted.

Vehicle Tracking

Most people are familiar with GPS tracking and OnStar technology, but a company called Gopher Protocol, Inc. has developed a patch that acts as a global tracking device. It does not require GPS and it utilized an encrypted, standalone network that is totally private. It is waterproof, lightweight, and the battery life is good for up to a year. The GopherAntiTheft (GAT) can be hidden anywhere on your vehicle, inside or out. Real time heuristics allow you to track your car so you always know where it is. It is fascinating and available now. It’s definitely worth checking out.

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