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Secure Car Series: The Real Impact of Car Theft

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Secure Car Series: The Real Impact of Car Theft

When you think about your car getting stolen, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the inconvenience. The impact a stolen car has on your daily routine can be significant, especially if that is the only vehicle your family has. How will the kids get to school? How will you get to work? How will you get to the grocery store, pharmacy, and other places to run errands?

Yes, this can be an inconvenience, but not one that an Uber or taxi can’t solve. There’s more, though, a lot more, that can happen when a car is stolen. The impact is more widespread than you may realize.

Insurance Impact

When cars are stolen one of the first things that happen is that insurance rates increase. At first it may be just for the owner, but eventually everyone pays the price in higher insurance rates. You will also have to pay a deductible to replace a car that has been stolen or replace one that has been recovered. This not only costs you money, but valuable time as well.

Community Impact

Many stolen cars are used to commit other crimes so the community impact is pretty significant as well. Higher crime or increased crime often results in higher prices for goods and higher taxes, it also breeds fear and alienation among the residents. Businesses don’t tend to stick around in area considered to have high crime rates. These elements combine to create an environment of both economic and social damage to the community that actually creates conditions that increase crime.

Personal Impact

Aside from the inconvenience of having your daily routine disrupted, there are other personal ramifications that come from your car being stolen. If you had bills or other mail in your car, even your vehicle registration or files from work, all of that is now compromised. Any sensitive information on you or anyone whose information is in you car is now in the hands of someone who is less than scrupulous. This provides a prime opportunity for the criminal to assume your identity – or the identity of anyone whose information you were carrying with you, in work files or other documents.

If your house keys were on the key ring, or your garage door opener was left in the car, the their now has a way to get into your home. If you left mail or your vehicle registration they know right where that is. Think about the things you have in your car right now, the personal information on yourself or your family or others. Are these things that could be potentially damaging if place in the hands of a criminal?

Finally, being the victim of a crime affects your personal life. Several studies have been done on the impact of crime on a person. The Impact of Crime Victimization on Quality of Life is one such study that delivered startling results. It showed that when a person is the victim of a crime it impacts their relationships, their work, how they function in society, and much more.

Most car thefts can be prevented with just a little extra care and caution. You don’t have to be a victim. Take the time to properly secure your vehicle so you don’t become a statistic.

Many higher end vehicles now come with factory installed security systems. Experts say this is an excellent first line of defense from car theft. At Woodside credit we care about your personal safety and the security of your vehicle. Our low payments and easy terms will put your in a car that has the security system that you need to keep your family and property safe. Call today or visit our site and fill out a Quick Quote to see just how easy it is.


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