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The Top 5 Resources for Classic Car Values

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The Top 5 Resources for Classic Car Values

Classic car values

With much of the vehicle market stabilizing, many buyers are looking for a good deal–but what’s considered a good deal? There are many places to get price insights, and each has its perspective that may help you at different points in your buying process. Here’s a list of our top 5 favorite resources for classic and collector car values to help you value your vehicle. With over 20 years experience, see below for our take on the most popular tools for classic car values.

Note: Vehicle conditions vary and can greatly impact the price of classic vehicles. A vehicle inspection is always recommended when purchasing a classic vehicle.

Hagerty Valuation Tools

The Best for Trend-Spotting Classic Car Values

Hagerty Valuation tool continues to provide important historical values for your favorite classics. Knowing past and current vehicle values can help buyers determine what a classic car could be worth in the future. With the option to use a VIN to determine the specific vehicle’s value, it’s a great starting point to understand historical values. Oh, and did we mention the tool is free? Simply create an account to access historical data.

NADA Guide (J.D. Power)

The Most Vehicle Data for Classic Values

The NADA Guide is an industry leader in classic car values. It’s primarily focused on dealers and other automotive businesses, so it has wholesale prices in addition to sale prices. It’s widely considered a very reliable source of used car prices by most. The company also values RVs, boats, and motorcycles in addition to an expansive array of classics, exotics, and newer vehicles. Initially known for the giant book that comes out quarterly, the same information can now be accessed online.

CPI Black Book

The Most Trusted for Collector Vehicles

CPI stands for Cars of Particular Interest. With a focus on collector vehicles dating back to 1946, this resource provides precise data for businesses. It doesn’t have a resource that enthusiasts can easily log into, but it has many different products for the market. Many companies use CPI, including lenders, when making lending decisions.

The Best Information for Auction Sales has some of the most robust auction sales information available and is free. The company has become a thought leader in the auction space and has made it easy to understand sales data over the past five years. Started in 2019, the site was born out of a need to find reliable pricing and comps for classic cars. Fast forward to today, and the site is one of the best ways for enthusiasts to research prices, stay updated and find vehicles.

Hemmings Price Guide

The Best Place to See Current Vehicles for Sale

The Hemmings price guide is based on the vehicle listings on its site. It’s a great place to shop for a classic vehicle, especially to understand how asking prices have changed over the past three years. The downside is only Hemmings data is used, but given it’s one of the largest classic car marketplaces, it’s a great tool.

Honorable Mention – Kelly Blue Book

Although the KBB only holds data on vehicles 21 years or newer, the book is one of the most trusted companies for pricing vehicles. With tools on fair market value and trade-in values, the Kelley Blue Book continues to be the most visited valuation site.

Doing the research to price your classic car right can help ensure you receive top-dollar for your vehicle. Keep in mind, Woodside Credit is available for private party purchases, providing a finance option for your buyer. With over 30,000 satisfied clients, see how Woodside can be a resource for you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I find the value of my classic car?

The best way to determine the value of your classic car is by getting an expert to appraise your vehicle. The appraiser will take into account current and historical sales from industry resources as well as the condition of your vehicle.

What is the best source to value classic cars?

There is no single best source to value classic cars. Vehicles are always being purchased and sold, and each valuation tool has its own secret sauce to aggregate data. The NADA guide continues to be a stand-out tool for companies in the classic car industry.

What is the best place to sell a classic car?

Consider the condition of your vehicle, the rarity, and the speed at which you need to sell. More exclusive or rare vehicles can earn top-dollar by choosing the right dealership, auction, or online resource dedicated to that type of vehicle. Additionally, networking with owners with similar vehicles through events like cars and coffee can also help provide insight into your local market.


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