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The New Bitcoin Millionaires have a New Obsession – Lamborghinis

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The New Bitcoin Millionaires have a New Obsession – Lamborghinis

The New Bitcoin Millionaires have a New Obsession – Lamborghinis

You’ve worked hard, made your fortune, how are you going to spend it? If you are part of the bitcoin millionaire crowd, your answer is most likely to be, “Buy a Lambo.”

So as a bitcoin millionaire, how do you know when you’ve accrued enough cryptocurrency to sell it off and purchase one of the coveted cars? Well, you head over to the website When Lambo? and use their handy dandy calculator to figure it out.

The site takes its name from a popular meme that has been circulating within the cryptocurrency realm. It’s called “When Lambo” and refers to that moment when a person has built their bitcoin stockpile to the point where they have enough to purchase a Lamborghini.

The calculator tells them how many bitcoins they will need, based on the current market value, to purchase a $425,000 Lambo.

Forget buying a house and property or paying off your credit card debt, just hand over that Lambo please!

The caveat here though is that cryptocurrency is quite volatile. While it has become a cool way for some people to build their wealth pretty quickly, there have been some recent fluctuations. However, bitcoin has not disappointed despite any momentary dips. Its price has continued to climb – as have the net worth’s of its investors.

But who wants a digital fortune, right? Now these brand spanking new millionaires are looking for ways to convert that virtual wealth into real world luxury. What better way to do that than purchase one of the most expensive, high profile, four wheeled status symbols in the world?

And the Lamborghinis are flying off the shelves. Well, as much as a six to seven figure, high end, high performance vehicle can.

You don’t have to be a bitcoin millionaire to get a Lamborghini of your own. Let Woodside Credit help put you in the driver’s seat. Our easy terms will have you on the road in no time. Visit out site and fill out a Quick Quote to see how easy ownership can be.


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