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Top Tips for Detailing Your Classic

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Top Tips for Detailing Your Classic

Top Tips for Detailing Your Classic

When you are getting your classic car ready for a show, or for just a drive around town, you want it to be in showroom condition. Here are our helpful tips for detailing your classic to get in in car show condition.

Chrome trim. Did you know that the oils secreted by your skin can be transferred from your fingers to chrome trim and eventually cause the surface to deteriorate? It’s true! Avoid touching it if you can and if you do leave fingerprints or smudges, use a soft cotton cloth to wipe them off – but don’t use the same rag for other areas on your car. Use a different one for each area and each type of cleaner.

Windshield and windows. If you have stickers or sticker residue on your glass, a little rubbing alcohol will help to dissolve the glue, making it easier to remove. A sharp razor blade can be very effective for sliding under stickers and removing them. Rubbing alcohol also removes tree sap from your glass, chrome, or paint.

Cracks, crevices, and carpet edges. A can of compressed air spray does wonders for getting the trash out of small cracks, crevices, and carpet edges. Use it in the cabin, console, under and around seats, and in the trunk.

Upholstery. A little baby powder will remove oil-based stains and great streaks from upholstery. Just sprinkle it on the area, let it sit for about 30 minutes, then use a soft toothbrush or soft nylon brush to dust the powder off. If any powdery residue remains, use the vacuum to get it all up.

Vents and hard to get areas. If there are any areas that are difficult to get to, like the AC vents or gauge seams, a cotton swab works like a charm. In fact, it works well for any hard-to-clean area. Just dab a little cleaner or some rubbing alcohol (whichever cleaner you are using for the area) and wipe the gunk away.

The underside of the trunk and hood. To clean these areas, put something over the trunk area or engine to keep the gunk out of it.

Washing the car (yes, there’s a system). First, please for the love of all that is beautiful and right in the world, don’t use dish soap to wash your car! Dish soap is for pots, pans, and dishes, NOT for paint jobs and chrome! That is the quickest way to dull your paint and destroy your clear coat. Getting creamy, thick professional carwash soap with lots of luxurious foam will provide your classic with the luxurious TLC it needs to look awesome.

Next, when you start to wash, start at the top. That way, the grime and dirt are traveling down, and you are washing behind it, not washing into areas you’ve already cleaned.

Finish with the wheels. The tires and wheels are the dirtiest part of the car so you should leave them for last.

Complete your wash with a good rinse chamois dry. Run the water over the entire car for a minute or two. This ensures that all the soap is rinsed away. Afterwards, use a soft leather chamois to buff your car dry. A microfiber towel works well too but leave your bath and hand towels for your shower. They are too harsh for a paint job and will scratch it.

Whether you are looking for a show car or a daily driver, Woodside Credit can help. Our easy terms and low payments make it easier than ever to own that classic or collector car. Visit our website today to find out how we can help you fill your garage.


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