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USC Racing | Spotlight on Naya Williams

USC Racing

We are thrilled to announce the achievements of Naya Williams, a rising junior in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Southern California. Naya has been an integral part of the USC Racing team since her freshman year, specifically contributing to the Powertrain sub-team. Her dedication and skills have been pivotal in the assembly of the cooling and fuel lines, the integration of the radiator, and the manufacturing of supports for various Powertrain components.

Naya’s journey with USC Racing, USC’s Formula Society for Automotive Engineers (FSAE) internal combustion chapter, has been nothing short of inspiring. FSAE is a prestigious organization that brings together the brightest engineering minds to compete annually at the Michigan International Speedway. This year’s competition, featuring the SCR24 car, was a testament to the team’s hard work and innovation.

The SCR24 not only ranked Best in Design within its bay but also successfully passed all technical inspections and scored in all static and dynamic events, including acceleration, skidpad, autocross, and endurance. The team’s efforts culminated in an impressive 36th place overall, a remarkable achievement given the fierce international competition. Impressively, the SCR24 was built entirely in-house by Naya and her clever engineering peers, showing off their excellent engineering prowess and teamwork.

Beyond the international stage, USC Racing also competes in the annual Clash at the Coliseum against UCLA’s FSAE team, where they claimed victory in both 2022 and 2023. The 2024 event was canceled due to rain, making USC Racing the only FSAE team in the world to win a NASCAR-sanctioned event.

Naya is the daughter of proud Woodside Credit employee Scott and his wife Fredi Williams. The very best of Scott and Fredi are reflected in Naya and her achievements, showcasing a family tradition of excellence and commitment.

We look forward to seeing all that Naya will accomplish in the coming years. Congratulations, Naya! Your hard work, dedication, and achievements inspire us all. Fight on!

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