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Valet Parking Attendant makes $450,000 Mistake

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Valet Parking Attendant makes $450,000 Mistake

We’ve all had those days when we feel like we would have been better off staying in bed. Roberto Cinti had one of those days not long ago and his name will forever be tied to an extremely expensive mistake. Cinti was working as a parking valet at a hotel in Rome and was sent to retrieve a Dutch couple’s Ferrari 599 GTO.

And that’s where his day took a turn for the worse.

But first, let’s set up the story so you can get the whole picture. This wasn’t just any Ferrari.

  • The car was a limited edition model.
  • Only 599 of these cars were produced by Ferrari.
  • They are the fastest road going cars ever produced by the company.
  • The only way the owners could purchase the car was for Ferrari to invite them.
  • The car is worth $450,000.

You should also know that the car’s V12 engine cranks out 671 bhp and goes 0 – 60 in less than 3.5 seconds.

You have to feel sorry for poor Cinti; he was just trying to do his job. He hustled over to the vehicle, slid behind the wheel, and fired her up. All was going well until he got confused and mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal and plowed into a storefront.

The rear third of the car appeared untouched but we can’t say the same for the other two thirds which was a mangled mess or steel and glass. The shiny, cherry red beauty was totaled.

The good news is, Cinti came out much better than the car did. He was not harmed, only treated for a few bumps and bruises. He may be considering a career change, though – which probably wouldn’t be such a bad idea, considering.

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