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Vehicular Evolution: Oh how these Classics have Changed!

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Vehicular Evolution: Oh how these Classics have Changed!

Most cars, especially those that have been around for a few decades, look drastically different today than they did when that very first one rolled off of the production line. Some cars, though, are just more fun to check out than others. Case in point, these three beauties. Whether you’re just looking or looking to buy, you’re in for a good time so sit back and enjoy the ride.


BMW has a long history, making cars since 1928. Naturally, this car’s appearance has changed considerably over the years. However, to look at the first BMWs and then look at the ones today, you can’t see any resemblance whatsoever. It is interesting to see the evolution of not just the BMW, but of cars as a whole.

You can see from this 1929 BMW Dixi, BMW’s first car, it definitely has an old timey appeal. Of course, collectors who get their hands on one of these earlier models will have a honey for sure.


Zoom ahead nearly 90 years and the changes in appearance are astounding. From a boxy, elongated body to sleek, sexy, rounded curves, the BMW is totally modern. It doesn’t look at space-agey as the Corvette, but it definitely has had some tweaks over the years to make it one of the top luxury cars on the market.


When the first Vette rolled off the production line in 1953, auto enthusiasts knew it was something special. It looked quite different though, from the Corvette of today.

Take a look at the 1953 Chevrolet Corvette C1


With its rounded nose and fuller body, the 1953 Corvette was pretty snazzy in its day. It was a super sporty two-seater that certainly commanded attention. Today it might be sweet, but now, while it is a timeless classic, its look is a little old fashioned.” alt=”Corvette C1″ height=”100px”>

Vava voom! The Vette’s sleek lines today give it a look that is miles away from earlier generations. It went from looking like a sporty little car to something resembling a spaceship – or maybe the Batmobile.

Bentley Continental

The Bentley has long been considered the epitome of class – or at least in the top ten for uber classy cars. Early models don’t even remotely resemble the Continental of today. This is one that is actually a little sad. It is beautiful now, but back in the day, wowsers.


Bearing a strong resemblance to the Rolls Royce of the day (another car that has gone through an incredible transformation over the years), the Continental had big fenders, a long nose, and sleek lines that oozed aristocracy.


Still a Bentley and still a sharp looking car, but the former long, sleek lines have been reined in a bit. It still impresses but in a different, more modern way. Some enthusiasts love the newer look, but many purists long for the days of old and that classy, unmistakable look.

Then there is the Porsche that has barely changed a single line throughout its production – but we’re OK with that. No sense in trying to fix what ain’t broken, right?

Whether you are looking for an antique collectible or a more modern version of your favorite exotic, Woodside Credit can help you get it. Give us a call or visit our website to find out how easy it is to get behind the wheel of your next great car. Don’t just wish you had that car; make it a reality.


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