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Where to Unleash your Exotic Car

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Where to Unleash your Exotic Car

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Where to Unleash your Exotic Car

Ready to put your exotic car to the test? Across the US, there’s a variety of organizations that create Track days at your local racetrack. Whether you’re looking to test your speed, handling abilities, or just have fun, these events are in a controlled environment, allowing for drivers to see what their vehicles are really made of. In essence, a track day is a fun way to exercise your car quickly and responsibly. From owners’ clubs to track day organizations like most of the below, there are many ways to get on the track. See below for our list to get your exotic or supercar on the track.

Track Shaker

The mission of Track Shaker is to enable and empower automotive enthusiasts to fulfill their dreams of driving their cars on track. The organization seeks to lower the barriers to entry for track events by providing enthusiasts with the information, resources, tools, and encouragement that will help them get on track. With a map and resources to find an open track day near you, it’s a great place to start your search.

Sports Car Club of America

With regionally hosted track days and national events, SCCA is home to a variety of different events on the track, including track days. These events are not designed for a high-pressure experience, but rather an environment to have a fun experience with stories to share. There is some instruction (namely track etiquette and safety items) and is for drivers from novice to advance. With regular events at tracks across the US, this is one of the largest organizations.

Speed District

Focused on California, Speed District has monthly events at some of California’s biggest tracks. Born from an enthusiast who wanted to create a less crowded experience, the events are limited to allow for a more exclusive racing experience. Expect to meet other enthusiasts that are passionate about the drive, not their ego.

Northern California Racing Club 

One of the most affordable quality rack events, NCRC is one of the top driver education and open track organizations in the state of California. With high-performance driving events and open track days, the NRNC has many options to learn and grow at your pace. With monthly events at 5 tracks, it’s the perfect fit for enthusiasts in Northern California.

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