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First Look: Tesla Model X High Tech SUV – You Gotta Pay to Play

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First Look: Tesla Model X High Tech SUV – You Gotta Pay to Play

High tech and high end have come together and are making beautiful music with the Tesla Model X, the automaker’s groundbreaking electric SUV. It seats seven and is powered by two independent electric motors – digitally controlled, of course – and it comes with all-wheel drive.

Stats on the Model X are just starting to trickle in, but at this point it is reported that the SUV can hit 60 mph in 3.8 seconds and every charge will get you 240 miles. That is quite impressive for an electric SUV. There are several upgrades that increase the speed even more. This is definitely a car you need to see to fully appreciate.

It has beautiful, clean lines that curve into a somewhat sporty coupe shape as opposed to the typical boxy SUV body. The absolutely coolest feature, though, are the falcon wing rear doors. They are great for tight parking spaces. It definitely rivals Maserati’s Levante and Lamborghini’s soon to be Urus.

So what does all this awesomeness cost? Well, it isn’t cheap. If you want in on this high tech luxury SUV it’s going to cost you – about $132,000. Entry level models could drop to around $100,000 but various packages can quickly boost the price (the “Ludacris Speed” package will add $10,000 to your bill). For what you get though, it seems worth the price.

According to the Tesla site, new reservations for the Model X have a delivery estimate of early 2016. The reserve price or the Model X is $5,000.

It’s a game of numbers and Woodside Credit wants to put you on the playing field. No matter what high end car you want to put in your garage, we can help make it happen. Visit our site and apply for a Quick Quote and see how easy it is drive away in your own exotic high tech SUV today.


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