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James Bond’s Aston Martin may be a Little Closer to being Found

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James Bond’s Aston Martin may be a Little Closer to being Found

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James Bond’s Aston Martin may be a Little Closer to being Found

On one summer night in 1997, James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5 was stolen. The “gadget car” from 1964 Bond classic Goldfinger was stored in a hangar at a Boca Raton airport. It seemingly vanished into thin air. Police and insurance investigators scoured the area looking for clues. However, all they found were a set of tire marks. They began at the hangar and ended, abruptly, a short distance away. There were no clues why the marks just stopped or where the car went from there, leaving everyone baffled – until now.

The insurance firm that has been searching for the DB5 hired Art Recovery International (ARI) to help find the stolen car. They have never given up their quest and their persistence is paying off. ARI now reports that they have received information that names a specific location in the Middle East where the car is being held. A hefty six figure reward (in British pounds) has been offered for any information that will help bring the car home.

Chief Executive of ARI, Christopher Marinello, says he received a “specific tip” that provided very good information about the car’s whereabouts. The company is turning to the collector car community, including mechanics, to enlist their help. He wants to show them that ARI is very serious about getting this iconic Aston Martin back to its rightful owner. They are asking anyone who may see the car or work on it to get a shot of the chassis, so they can match the number – dp/216/1.

There is a possibility that the DB5 that has been spotted in the Middle East is just a copy. That is why the close up shot of the chassis where the number can be clearly seen is so vital.

Are they close to ending the mystery? Or is this another dead end?

We’re all just going to have to wait and see.

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